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Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy

At Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy you will learn a variety of martial art styles. We are dedicated to providing our members with elite martial arts instruction. We are also committed to helping you develop the attitudes and behaviors required to reach BLACK BELT EXCELLENCE - in all areas of life. Our goal is for all our students to become focused, self-disciplined and confident individuals who have the utmost respect for themselves and others.

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When you visit us in person you will see first-hand our clean, friendly, safe, and ego-free school.

We offer several different styles of martial arts that are designed to help you and your loved ones get into shape, improve focus and discipline, reduce stress and gain the confidence needed to excel in all aspects of your life. At our academy, you will not be made to feel intimidated or at risk, instead we aim to work at your pace, so you get the most out of your training. Whether you are young or old or athletic or out of shape, with your dedication we will help you to reach your goals.

Our Asian certified instructors are required to maintain the highest level of quality instruction that you would expect from an authentic martial arts school. Let us teach you how to Discover The Master In You with Aikido Masters martial arts.


Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy

Sensei David NemeroffMeet our head instructor David Nemeroff, Soke-Dai - 8th degree Black Belt

David Nemeroff started his martial arts training at the age of twelve in the art of Aikido. Now, with almost 30 years of martial arts experience and black belts in 10 different martial arts, he is able to share an incredible wealth of knowledge with you. This means you will get a more comprehensive understanding of the martial arts and he will help you truly customize your curriculum the way you want.

“When I started martial arts, I was the second shortest child in my grade, weighing only 127 lbs by the time I graduated high school. I was also extremely shy. Martial arts changed my life by making me stronger, more confident and able to deal with the stresses of life much more effectively. Starting martial arts was the best decision of my life” - David Nemeroff, Soke-Dai

Since Nemeroff, Soke-Dai is an Asian certified instructor, you know you are learning authentic martial arts from a qualified teacher. Plus, he is an active practitioner, not an arm-chair sensei. He trains constantly to improve his knowledge and skill, earning black belts in several martial arts including Mukei No-Ryu Aikido/Aiki-Jodo, Nihon Goshin Aikido, Fukasa-ryu Aikido, Aikijutsu, Jujutsu, Kempo, Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu (Samurai Sword Arts). He is certified in both Japan and the U.S and has earned credentials from Kokusai Budoin, Aikido Tenshinkai of Florida, Zen Kokusei Soke Budo/Bugei Renmei, Fukasa-ryu Bujutsukai, the National Qigong Association and the International Okinawan Martial Arts Union. Additionally, he was appointed to the Asian accredited title of Soke-dai (successor) to Fukasa-ryu Aikido, which was awarded by Fukasa-ryu Bujutsukai and the Zen Kokusei Soke Budo/Bugei Renmei.

Our Licensed Teaching Staff

Ramsey Veitch

My name is Ramsey Veitch, Sensei and I have been practicing the martial arts for 12 years. I always admired martial arts movies and actors as a child growing up in the 80's and 90's. Stars like Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van-Damme and Steven Seagal are the reason I took up the arts. I began with Karate and Tae Kwon Do as a child; but that was short lived so when I became an adult, I searched for a school and found Aikido Masters Self-Defense Academy and was set on a path of learning and self-discovery. , I currently hold black belt rank in Aikido, Kempo-Jutsu, Iai-jutsu and Ken-Jutsu (Samurai Sword arts). The arts have developed many of my mental and physical attributes such as confidence, knowledge, strength, ki (energy), speed, and breathe control to name a few. Despite the many obstacles in my time, I never stopped coming to class and learning.

Howard Sekulski

My name is Howard Sekulski. I've been studying martial arts under Soke-Dai since September 2006. Since that time I've obtained a black belt in Kempo and various ranks in other arts such as JuJutsu, Aikido, Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu. I feel that I'm very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place and instructor to learn and train in the Martial Arts and I thoroughly enjoy the traditional training experience. My fellow students are wonderful and always respectful and I believe they would all agree when I say that we feel like family. Martial Arts has helped me in so many aspects of my life; physically, mentally and spiritually, particularly the mental aspect. I suffered renal failure three months into my training back in 2006. The mental focus martial arts training had given me guided my through 7 years of Dialysis and a subsequent kidney transplant. I always know that when life throws strikes at me I can navigate through the difficulties easier because of my training. I look forward to my continued journey in the Martial Arts.

Colin Bosler

I began my martial arts journey at Aikido Masters in my early 40s and as I approach 50 years of age I can honestly say that I am mentally and physically in the best shape of my life. I have achieved a black belt in Kempo Jutsu and hold ranks in Jujutsu and Aikido, and, perhaps more importantly, I have discovered a pathway to serenity, increased energy and positivity. I enjoy teaching and interacting with our 5-7 year-old Kempo students. I welcome you to our dojo and encourage you to unlock all of your potential - you will be amazed what you can accomplish!

Wade Bailey

Wade Bailey has lived in the Lehigh Valley for nearly 20 years, working at a local company as a professional scientist. 10 years ago, he discovered his newfound interest in the martial arts, training under the Soke-Dai and eventually earning teaching credentials in Aikido and Kempo Jutsu. Demonstrative of his love for the arts, he continues to train under the dojo headmaster in other arts including Jujutsu, Aikijutsu, Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, various weapons, Qi Gong, and has been also been matriculated with the Soke-Dai for 5 years in advanced methods of teaching martial arts to individuals of all ages. Wade welcomes you to Aikido Masters and looks forward to training with you.

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