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At Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy, we pride ourselves on being the premier martial arts schools for adults in Lehigh Valley. Our training is the secret weapon that will allow you to excel at work, home, in school, on the field, and anywhere else you can think of.

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Do you feel like you are too old to train, maybe too far out of shape because you haven't worked out in years? Think again! Here at Aikido Masters Self Defense, we train in a safe, structured environment free of egos and attitudes.

Training at Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy can help you achieve all your goals and more. Our blend of Martial Arts will help you to achieve any goal you set and, of course, you’ll learn to protect yourself with one of the most complete, comprehensive and effective systems ever developed.

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We are dedicated to helping our students acquire skills in self-defense, defensive tactics, Aikido, Kempo karate, ju jutsu, and so much more.  Every day we help people just like you get in the best shape of their lives. You will learn skills that will benefit you in all areas of your life, including conflict resolution, patience and self-discipline.

Our program will help you stay in shape, reduce stress, gain flexibility, build strength, increase stamina, and tone your body. By improving your physical fitness, you will acquire healthy self-image, and feel a sense of pride.

Our highly enjoyable workouts are great for creating fun atmosphere and developing friendships that come along with exercising and training with people that have similar goals and are like-minded. We have a saying “People that kick together, stick together." Most of all, they end up building friendships that last a lifetime. What better way to spend your time than staying fit, developing a skill that could be life-saving, all while meeting people that could end up becoming your friends for life?

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Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy is excellent! I would highly recommend Soke-Dai, David Nemeroff to anyone who is serious about improving themselves physically, mentally, & spiritually.

Personally, I have lost weight and improved my overall fitness. More importantly, I feel as though I am more confident than I was before joining Aikido Masters. As a direct result of my training, I have also found myself to be more focused in my work and happier and more patient in my family life.

Lastly, Aikido Masters is supported by a friendly and positive group of fellow students of all rank levels and backgrounds. Soke-Dai leads by example and fosters an environment that is encouraging and kind, but also disciplined and goal focused.

- Ralph Wasiakowski

The Aikido Masters Martial Art System
is a fun, fulfilling workout for adults.

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Our adult students really appreciate the difference between The Aikido Masters way and standard exercise programs. They say they get twice the workout, and it’s never boring, like the typical gym routines.

Aikido Masters self defense classes relieve stress.

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Aikido Masters classes are well known for their stress relieving benefits. The emphasis on mind-body training goes far beyond the anything you'll find in standard, health club type exercise programs.

Our classroom practice sessions give you confidence.

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The confidence building part of our style is what students appreciate the most. Nothing can take the place of the security in knowing that you can defend yourself if the need arises. Before long, you'll gain a sense of control that will allow you to easily fend off negative people, and avoid unsafe situations without conflict.

Aikido Masters Adult Program

What we teach you could save your life.

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At our school, everything we teach is reality based. Our instructors work very hard to insure that most any situation you might encounter is covered in the classroom under very safe learning conditions, so you will be prepared.

One final note...

Self defense is a skill you would be led to believe is universal in all martial arts. The simple definition of martial arts means "military arts", teaching a person how to defend one’s self, family and country. The sad reality is that many martial arts schools are not teaching realistic self defense for the 21st century. At Aikido Master’s Self Defense Academy, you will learn time-tested, effective self-defense techniques that you can count on if the need ever arises.

If you're still not sure if this is for you, please give us a call right now so we can set you up with a free, no-obligation personal appointment with one of our instructors/staff members.

We promise, it will be the best thing you’ll ever do.
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