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Whether you are law enforcement, work in security, in the military or just want to learn an effective way to defend yourself, then you need to join us for one of our specialized training courses.

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Weapons Disarming Defensive Tactics Seminar Friday, April 21st from 9am-12:30pm

This type of training is necessary to provide an officer with the ability to adequately defend themselves in situations where such action is required. Our easy to use techniques can help you to restore order and regain control of a volatile situation quickly and safely.

Those who complete each course will also get the added benefit of getting a certificate of completion from the United States Specialized Law Enforcement Training Commission! Wouldn’t that look great on your resume?

Aikido Masters Self-Defense Academy offers several different courses to choose from including:

  • Empty Hand Tactics

  • Cuffing Techniques


  • Weapons Disarming

  • ASP Extendable Baton

Courses are only $95 per person which includes the certificate and run approximately 3 hours in length.

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David Nemeroff has almost 30 years of martial arts experience and has taught police officers, military and security officers. He is a defensive tactics instructor certified by the United States Specialized Law enforcement Training Commission. He was also certified by the PA State Police under act 235 as a defensive tactics instructor.

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