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Iai Jutsu and Kenjutsu SWORD

Training in the ancient art of the Samurai not only teaches you how to master the art of the sword, but it will change your life forever!  The sword classes we teach at Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy in Lehigh Valley, PA. are the only classes of their type in our area. 

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What is Iajutsu and Kenjutsu?

Imagine yourself transported back in time to the era of the ancient Japanese samurai and ninja.  The code of Bushido (the warrior way) and training in kenjutsu (sword combat) and iajutsu (the sword art of the quick draw) were skills that all warriors lived by.  It was not only about survival, it was a culture, and way of life.  Iajutsu and kenjutsu are not only a way to learn these ancient fighting skills, but also a way to polish the spirit, mind and body, while mastering these amazing arts.  These are very precise and unhurried arts. The mental skills you develop will spill into all aspects of your life. You will be able to see the lessons transpire into your family life, your work place, and all that you do.  Our classes are taught very much like they were in Japan. They will help you to understand how to be a more peaceful, confident and righteous person.  The art of the sword has been taught for thousands of years, and at Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy, you will learn the art in its entirety.

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It isn't just learning the sword...
It’s how it’s incorporated into all aspects of your life!
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